What are the famous Basque pintxos?
May 29, 2024

Planning a trip to the Basque Country? If you’ve been searching for the “traditional food of the region” or “what to eat in Bilbao”, you’ve likely come across the word “pintxo”.

Known throughout Spain, pintxos are an essential part of Basque culture, but if you’re not from the area, you might be wondering: what exactly is a pintxo?

Pintxos: Beyond the bite

The Basque Country is a foodies’ paradise, and pintxos are a big reason why. Pintxos (or pinchos in Spanish) are delicious bite-sized snacks that you’ll find in nearly every dining establishment across Bilbao and the Basque region. But they’re more than just food – they’re a concept, a lifestyle even! 

Imagine walking into a bar and seeing an array of colorful, mouthwatering bites behind a glass. These can be made from anything you can dream up: succulent meats, fresh seafood, olives, peppers, and cheeses.

It’s important to note that pintxos and tapas are not the same. While tapas are small plates meant to be shared among friends, pintxos are crafted to be individual, bite-sized delights. Typically, they’re served on a slice of bread and held together with a cocktail stick.

Curious to learn more about these delicious snacks? Join us on a pintxo tour in Bilbao, where we’ll take you to the best pintxo bars, introduce you to perfect food and drink pairings, and share the history behind every bite.

Experience the essence of Basque cuisine with us and make your trip unforgettable!